Precision engineering and plastics

Functionality, stability, tolerances and development for the optimal balance between cost and expected sales volume are key when CREADIS develops products. We are experienced when it comes to the development of products both when it comes to prototypes / single item production in low volumes to mass production in high volumes (>1 million items). Prototypes and experimental models are a natural part of our process both for testing, risk management and for aligning expectations.

CREADIS has experience with product development from industrial products and disposable products to end-user products – all products where industrial design, functionality and price must come together. Several product solutions have resulted in registered patents.

Naturally, we cooperate across the necessary engineering disciplines, such as hardware, acoustics, light and fluids, and we therefore have a significant expertise when it comes to design of components within these production technologies.

Some examples are:

• Gears, gear design and calculations
• Additive design and design for 3D printing in plastic or metal
• Injection molded plastics – tools, 1K and 2K casting
• FEM & FEA calculations
• Chipboard items – turned, milled or sanded
• Sheet metal – bent and punched
• Metal casting and metal injection molding
• Laser – cutting and welding
• Joins – tape, glue, snap, ultrasound, gaskets etc.
• Surface treatments/finishing and decorating – paint, PVD, IMD and various kinds of print
• Micro items
• Electrical connections
• Quality management – first out of tool, first article inspection, CPK, PPK, tolerance calculations, worst case scenarios or root sum square method, production line assessment.