CREADIS is an organization with expert knowledge in the development of products within the renewable energy sector and in the area of energy distribution in a large number of countries. CREDIS can provide you and your organization with highly service-oriented expert knowledge within the below areas using cutting edge technology combined with well-proven know-how.

We have completed several projects in the energy sector and are currently working on a number of new projects in the following areas, providing consultancy services from full EPC scoop of supply to equipment delivery services:

• Wind energy (onshore and offshore)
• Solar cell energy
• Wave energy
• Solar heating
• Tidal energy

Explore cases on energy below. 

Cases about Energy

PP Techniq

Verification and strength calculations of anchor point on blade access platforms

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End-of-line test stand upgraded succesfully

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Vattenfall - Wind farm

DIS provides knowledge and contributes with information for tender materials for Vattenfall

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Siemens in an unconventional collaboration with DIS on the development of new testing equipment

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Siemens Wind Power - Lifting gear

Siemens Wind Power contacted DIS with a request for dimensioning of lifting equipment

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Grundfos - Pumps

We developed a new series of Grundfos pumps.

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NOV - Control system

A new control unit ensured the quality of NOV offshore pipes.

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NOV - Production equipment

Production equipment – 10 years later.

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Denmark's first solar powered ferry

DIS has contributed to the development of Denmark's first solar-powered ferry.

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LM Wind Power - GPS

When LM Wind Power wanted to implement a GPS, DIS was entrusted with the project of reviewing and updating the company’s engineering drawings worldwide.

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REC Group - FAT tests

REC group established a new production facility in Singapore, and DIS was involved to manage the final tests

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Grundfos - LIFELINK

DIS developed the pilot project and the first prototype of the innovative solution

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Product development in large dimensions.

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Offshore cable challenges 

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Siemens Wind Power - Lifting equipment

Custom-designed lifting equipment for Siemens Wind Power

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