Giving A Financial Helping Hand Is A Driving Force

With 20 years of experience, DIS/CREADIS has devised solutions that take both customers and the climate into account. And whatever we lack, we build.

Although every project requires its own problem solving, innovation is often the lever, whether it’s reducing CO2 or optimizing a production line. Thus, innovation and sustainability usually go hand-in-hand at DIS/CREADIS.


Selected Sustainable Development Goals

Giving A Financial Helping Hand Is A Driving Force

At DIS/CREADIS, we support projects that make a difference – both locally and globally. 


We provide ongoing financial support for projects and recurring charitable events. Since its founding, the driving force of the company has been supporting projects that can improve life for other people, both in Denmark and abroad.


It is not only the top management level that supports charitable causes; several employees identify with the values of Engineers Without Borders and do volunteer work with them.

Supporting Vulnerable Children

For example, our funds have contributed to the UNICEF Cup, where DIS/CREADIS is one of the main sponsors of the charitable football event that brings together well-known Danes on the football field, with the donations going to children in the world’s hotspots. Read more.

At DIS/CREADIS, we have also chosen to support the Danish Children’s Cancer Association as a sponsor of the annual Sports Car Event, which raises money for children with cancer and their families. Read more.

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