We Come Up With The Good Ideas – And Turn Them Into Reality

With 20 years of experience, DIS/CREADIS has devised solutions that take both customers and the climate into account. And whatever we lack, we build.

Although every project requires its own problem solving, innovation is often the lever, whether it’s reducing CO2 or optimizing a production line. Thus, innovation and sustainability usually go hand-in-hand at DIS/CREADIS.


Selected Sustainable Development Goals


Our cost-out approach involves all disciplines in the value chain. In this way, we help customers create products with the best possible return on investment, where processes are also made faster, easier and more sustainable. Read more about our cost-out work.

Asset Management

Our asset management services involve offering smart service to production facilities where we can use data to predict when maintenance will be required. This economizes the customer’s resources, as gasoline and manpower are not wasted on unnecessary checks, because data means that we are always at the forefront. On the other hand, we also avoid unnecessary breakdowns by predicting the need for service when something is wrong.

Plant Engineering

Our Plant Engineering services offer customers a 360-degree package when they need to establish a new production facility – and this can be done in the most sustainable way. Read more about Plant Engineering here.


Energy Efficiency

At DIS/CREADIS, we help customers optimize their company’s energy consumption, thereby reducing CO2 emissions – and especially improving the indoor climate to the benefit of employees.


We have also been taking a close look at our own head office in Stilling near Aarhus. The building has previously been used to sell camper trailers, and we have energy-optimized it to achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

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