Our Community Can (Almost) Move Mountains

Sustainable development does not happen by itself – it requires skilled engineers. A strong sense of community is key, regardless of whether DIS/CREADIS is training interns or trying to foster better company culture in the countries where we are present.

At DIS/CREADIS, our employees are at the heart of the company – and we really mean that. Although we are more than 25 nationalities working from different locations, the community is cross-cultural and transnational. We are engineers with both purpose and passion for finding the right solution for customers and the climate.


Selected Sustainable Development Goals

Tomorrow’s Engineers Are Part Of The Team

At DIS/CREADIS, we are happy to assume social responsibility by contributing to the training of the next generations of engineers. Every year, we have 30 interns posted around the company. Several interns choose to stay with us afterwards, and there are plenty of examples of employees and managers at DIS/CREADIS who took their first steps as interns with us.

Reducing Inequality Abroad

Like other Danish companies, DIS/CREADIS is a company that is naturally open and inclusive, where all employees are equal regardless of position, and interns as well as managers can bring good ideas to the table. However, this does not work in all countries. Therefore, we want to influence the countries where DIS/CREADIS is present in a more positive direction.


We do this through our work structure and management form in the countries in question, as well as in the onboarding process. All new employees start with an introductory course in Denmark, where they learn about DIS/CREADIS’ corporate culture and employee-defined values. And every year, all DIS/CREADIS employees and managers also meet for a joint event to strengthen community feeling across locations and nationalities.

An Attractive Workplace

At DIS/CREADIS, we go to great lengths to give employees a good working life with growth opportunities. Perhaps this is also why we have been named Denmark’s, Europe’s and the world’s best workplace for engineers by the organization Great Place To Work.


Employee development does not just take place on the task level. For example, it is also possible to try to live and work in another country if it is an employee’s dream. It is also possible to use your expertise in a developing country with the NGO Engineers Without Borders.


At DIS/CREADIS, we cultivate community and involve ourselves with one another, both on and off the job. We learn and grow while having fun and our event calendar comprises professional after-work meetings, lectures, annual team building tours, sports activities, Friday beers and much more.

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