Solar: OEMs & Subsuppliers

In the constantly evolving landscape of the solar industry, businesses are continuously seeking innovation, optimization, and scalability for their operations.

With projections for 2023 indicating a record year for solar power expansion globally, with annual installations predicted to exceed 300 gigawatts (GW) and an additional 100 GW increase projected over the next two years , the industry is flourishing, and the need for specialized expertise and strategic partnerships has never been more in demand.


Navigating this dynamic landscape can present its challenges. This is where DIS/CREADIS steps in, offering an invaluable partnership to solar OEMs. Our more than 25 years of experience in the energy sector equips us with deep industry insights and cutting-edge engineering solutions to meet your unique needs.


Our wealth of expertise extends across the entire lifecycle of your projects regardless of whether you’re looking to develop or optimize your production facilities, or the components, technology and systems of your solar solutions.


From initial feasibility studies and technical due diligence to the meticulous process of design, construction, and commissioning of your production facilities, we are with you every step of the way. Our partnership extends into the operational phase, providing robust asset management, and dedicated operations and maintenance services to ensure your facilities operate seamlessly and efficiently.


A distinctive strength of DIS/CREADIS lies in our robust concept and system development engineering skills. We are well-equipped to support the design and optimization of your solar components and subsystems. Our strong electrical and power engineering capabilities enable component and product development optimized for power quality, stability, grid connection, and hybrid energy systems, among other critical areas.


At DIS/CREADIS, we place immense value on the strength of collaboration. Our partnership approach and one-team model facilitate a close relationship with our clients. This approach enables us to gain a deep understanding of your specific needs and objectives, which in turn allows us to deliver bespoke solutions that minimize time-to-market and cut down both capital and operational expenditures. Let’s harness the power of solar energy together and pave the way towards a prosperous, sustainable future.

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As the solar power industry flourishes, with annual installations expected to exceed 300 GW in 2023, DIS/CREADIS steps in as an essential partner for solar OEMs. With over 25 years in the energy sector, we bring deep insights and cutting-edge engineering solutions, supporting your projects throughout their lifecycle, from development to operations.


Our distinctive strengths lie in our robust concept and system development skills, with particular expertise in optimizing solar components and subsystems. Through our collaboration-focused approach, we deliver bespoke solutions that minimize time-to-market and cut costs, propelling us towards a prosperous, sustainable future together.

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Solar: Developers & Operators


Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) is a leading vertically integrated solar energy company that produces polysilicon, wafers, cells, and modules for the solar industry, as well as silicon materials for the electronic industry. REC also engages in project development in selected PV segments. REC Group had established a new production facility in Singapore and DIS/CREADIS was involved to manage the final tests of the machines for the solar factory. The factory in Singapore was based on multi crystalline technology and produced wafers, solar cells, and modules.

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