Solar: Developers & Operators

As the world increasingly embraces clean, sustainable energy, the Solar Energy industry is lighting the way forward.

As of 2023, the global solar capacity has been bolstered with the addition of 268 GW in the previous year and is projected to grow by another 315 GW within the year. 


While the Solar Energy industry holds immense potential, it comes with its own unique set of challenges. These include complexities in managing fluctuating solar outputs, dealing with harsh weather conditions that can affect solar panel efficiency, and the technical aspects of system design and grid integration. Additionally, the intermittent nature of solar energy requires advanced energy storage and load balancing solutions to ensure a steady power supply.


At DIS/CREADIS, we bring over 25 years of renewable energy engineering experience to help you navigate these challenges. We understand the intricacies of grid integration and the design of robust electrical infrastructures, ensuring efficient power transmission and distribution from your solar farm.


Our support extends throughout the entire lifecycle of your solar farm operations. This includes equipment selection, system design and optimization, as well as predictive maintenance planning. We leverage innovative digitalization solutions, such as advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning, to streamline operational procedures. Our goal is to enhance the performance and reliability of your solar farm, leading to reductions in downtime and operational expenditure, and ultimately lowering the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), making your renewable energy solutions more competitive and economically viable.

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With the global solar capacity set for significant growth, the Solar Energy industry faces challenges like fluctuating outputs, weather-related efficiency issues, technical grid integration, and the need for advanced energy storage. DIS/CREADIS offers over 25 years of renewable energy engineering expertise to overcome these hurdles.


We offer support through all stages of your solar farm operations, including equipment selection, system optimization, and predictive maintenance planning. By leveraging advanced analytics and AI, we enhance your solar farm’s performance and reliability, reducing downtime and operational costs and ultimately making your renewable energy solutions more competitive.

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Solar: Developers & Operators


Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) is a leading vertically integrated solar energy company that produces polysilicon, wafers, cells, and modules for the solar industry, as well as silicon materials for the electronic industry. REC also engages in project development in selected PV segments. REC Group had established a new production facility in Singapore and DIS/CREADIS was involved to manage the final tests of the machines for the solar factory. The factory in Singapore was based on multi crystalline technology and produced wafers, solar cells, and modules.

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