April 22, 2021

Automated pcr test machine delivers results in less than one hour

CREADIS and TIB Molbiol have developed an automated PCR testing machine that can evaluate 60 PCR tests per hour per machine.

While the COVID-19 pandemic still dominates our daily lives, the search for a way out of this exceptional situation is more urgent than ever. A major component in this fight against the coronavirus is increasing testing capacities.

PCR testing is the most reliable testing method. However, several hours to a few days can elapse between taking the sample and receiving the result. Thus, the benefits of the test – safe entry or immediate quarantine and treatment – are realized only with a delay. The newly developed PCR test set-up combines the reliability of PCR tests with the speed of evaluation that is crucial for rapid antigen tests. The fully automated test set-up enables the evaluation of 60 tests per hour and supports not only laboratories in continuous test evaluation, it can also provide fast and reliable information about a possible infection for events, travel or private use.

Gargling test method – simple and inexpensive

The test is based on the gargling method, in which the test person gargles a throat rinse solution for 30 seconds. This user-friendly method reduces the need for medically trained personnel and the number of supplies and materials. As a result, the cost incurred per test is significantly lower and application flexibility is increased.

CREADIS and TIB Molbiol: The union of medicine and technology

The biotechnology company TIB Molbiol was founded in 1990 and has been supplying the international market with diagnostic and research reagents for more than 30 years.CREADIS is an international knowledge company providing consultancy and engineering services as well as turn-key solutions to industries. CREADIS was founded in Denmark in 1997 and is represented in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Spain, and USA, has a total of 17 departments worldwide and employs more than 600 engineers.

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