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Our team of over 700 engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the wind industry, working with industry-leading OEMs, developers, owners, and operators. We have experience delivering solutions across the entire product lifecycle for both onshore and offshore segments. From WTG design to asset management, our engineering and equipment solutions are designed to sustain annual energy production growth and build a better future.


CREADIS is a reliable engineering and design partner for companies like Danfoss. They specialize in providing innovative engineering solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase sustainability. CREADIS has a proven track record of delivering on successful projects for their clients, and their expertise in automation, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering made them the ideal partner for Danfoss.


CREADIS’s experience in providing effective alternative solutions for degreasing, surface conversion, and protective coating made them an obvious choice for Danfoss. Their ability to develop custom solutions that meet their client’s specific needs ensures that their clients receive the best possible engineering solutions.

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