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Empowering Innovation in Product Development and Design


At DIS/CREADIS, conceptual design and product development are not just services we offer, but they form the core of our business legacy and our vision for the future. Our expertise lies in bringing ideas to life, from the birth of a concept to the development of a prototype, turning innovative ideas into tangible, market-ready concepts, products, and digital solutions. This is our commitment to innovation, a commitment that drives our business forward.


We specialize in the development and re-engineering of a wide range of products, from physical assets like mechatronics, connected devices and large-scale custom machinery, to digital assets such as custom software, applications and data analytics solutions, and even digitalizing processes or services that optimize your business operations. We firmly believe that even in today’s digital age, new inventions are often rooted in fundamental mechanical, even analogue, principles. This belief is a cornerstone of our work, as we transform these principles into pioneering inventions.


Driving Innovation through Expertise


Our team of in-house experts spans multiple disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, power, automation, digital, embedded, machine building, and robotics engineering. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide holistic, integrated solutions that address all aspects of product development. Read more about our wide range of engineering competencies here.


Whether you approach us with a loosely defined idea, a concrete product concept or business challenge or potential, we are equipped to assist you every step of the way. Our services are designed to help you navigate the complexities of product development, from conceptualization and ideation, through feasibility assessments and engineering design, to prototyping, testing, verification, sourcing, and supplier qualification.

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Industrial & Consumer Goods

Harmonizing Design & Sound: EPOS Leverages Specialized Engineering Expertise with DIS/CREADIS

EPOS, renowned for their unwavering commitment to high-end audio solutions, consistently pushes the envelope in a rapidly evolving market. Now, their sights are set on unlocking new avenues within their Air Traffic Control/C3 division.
Industrial & Consumer Goods

Helping VELUX Illuminate New Horizons with DIS/CREADIS

VELUX, a renowned leader in the development and distribution of roof windows, has consistently strived to bring natural light and fresh air into homes and buildings worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, VELUX’s dedicated Innovation department continually explores new avenues that bring increased daylight and fresh air to people’s lives.
Wind: Offshore Developers & Operators

How SENSEWind accelerates time to market for Self-Erecting Nacelle and Service system with DIS/CREADIS’ concept development expertise

The costs of assembly, installation, operation, and maintenance of wind farms are rising, driven by increases in WTG (wind turbine generator) size and ideal wind farm placements moving to harder-to-access locations (e.g., deeper, more remote waters). For Onshore, the cost of just crane usage for a turbine installation can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars every day, and even more offshore where specialty vessels are required.
Industrial & Consumer Goods


Airmaster is an innovative ventilation supplier whose mission is to give more people the absolute best air quality and thermal indoor climate comfort. They provide simple solutions focused on low energy and resource consumption. Airmaster products are also digitally connected to their Airlinq online control panel. Airmaster wanted to upgrade the control panel to create more value for users and sought a partner to help improve the Airlinq solution.
Industrial & Consumer Goods


FLSmidth is a leading supplier of equipment, services, and expertise for the cement and minerals industries, providing solutions to customers globally. FLSmidth helps their customers to improve performance, lower operating costs and reduce environmental impact.
Industrial & Consumer Goods


AGCO Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of agricultural machinery and solutions. Their products are sold through five core brands: Challenger, Fendt, GSI, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra. One of AGCO’s challenges was developing a cleaning system for their machines that could remove dirt, dust, and debris in a more efficient and effective manner. To achieve this goal, AGCO needed to find an engineering consulting firm specializing in mechanical engineering, simulation, and product development.
Solar: Developers & Operators


Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) is a leading vertically integrated solar energy company that produces polysilicon, wafers, cells, and modules for the solar industry, as well as silicon materials for the electronic industry. REC also engages in project development in selected PV segments. REC Group had established a new production facility in Singapore and DIS/CREADIS was involved to manage the final tests of the machines for the solar factory. The factory in Singapore was based on multi crystalline technology and produced wafers, solar cells, and modules.
Industrial & Consumer Goods


Ratél is a Danish company that specializes in manufacturing products for poison-free, environmentally friendly, and ethically justifiable rat control solutions. They have developed a mechanical rat trap called RatTrap, which will reduce the number of rats in sewer systems with innovative technology. The RatTrap was also designed to send a signal when the trap had killed a rat for clean-up notification.
Wind: OEMs & Subsuppliers


PP Techniq A/S specializes in providing technical solutions for wind turbine blade repair and maintenance. They offer advanced blade access platforms which are safe, flexible, and easy to operate. The SQYFlex™ is their newly developed blade access platform. The platform can be raised up and down and adapts to the shape of the blade giving full access and alleviating the need to remove the blade for service. PP Techniq recently implemented an anchor point on their service platform, allowing them to replace personnel, equipment, and materials on the platform while it is attached to the wind turbine blade. This solution saves time by avoiding the process of lowering the platform down to the base and returning it to the blade when replacing personnel.

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