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In the swiftly advancing era of Industry 4.0, businesses in the food and beverage manufacturing sector are tirelessly navigating the frontier of digital transformation and sustainability.

The pursuit of innovation and optimization is unending as companies strive to satisfy the escalating demand for food and beverage products while aligning with sustainable manufacturing practices and the imperative need for decarbonization. With the advent of digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics, the industry is not just evolving—it’s revolutionizing. 


Amidst this shift, the need for specialized expertise and strategic partnerships in industrial digitalization, automation, and energy optimization has become paramount. It’s in this dynamic and complex landscape where we step in, offering an invaluable partnership to food and beverage manufacturers. Our robust engineering skills and extensive experience in industrial digitalization, automation, and sustainable manufacturing practices equip us with deep industry insights and cutting-edge solutions to meet your distinctive needs.


Our expertise spans across the entire lifecycle of your projects. Whether you’re looking to integrate new digital technologies, optimize your existing processes and production lines with automation, transition to more sustainable manufacturing methods, or decarbonize and energy optimize at a system, operations, and facility level, we are here to support you. From initial feasibility studies and technical due diligence to the meticulous process of design, construction, and commissioning of your production machinery and test equipment, we are with you at every stage. Our partnership extends into the operational phase, offering robust asset management, predictive maintenance, transparent production monitoring, and dedicated operations and maintenance services to ensure your facilities operate at peak efficiency and sustainability.


At our company, we place a high value on the power of collaboration. Our partnership approach and one-team model foster a close relationship with our clients, enabling us to gain a deep understanding of your specific needs and objectives. This approach allows us to deliver bespoke solutions that not only minimize time-to-market and reduce both capital and operational expenditures but also help you stay ahead in the Industry 4.0 revolution, achieve energy optimization, and drive towards decarbonization.


Together, let’s shape the future of food and beverage manufacturing, integrating digital technologies, energy optimization, and sustainability for a more productive, efficient, and environmentally friendly future.

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In the swiftly revolutionizing food and beverage industry, we offer crucial partnership, powered by our robust engineering skills and comprehensive experience in industrial digitalization, automation, and sustainable manufacturing. Our proficiency spans the entire project lifecycle, ensuring peak efficiency and sustainability in your facilities.


We prize collaboration, allowing us to understand your needs deeply and deliver bespoke solutions that reduce expenditures, expedite time-to-market, and ensure your lead in the Industry 4.0 revolution. Together, we aim to shape a more productive, efficient, and environmentally friendly future in food and beverage manufacturing.

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Food & Beverage


PBI-Dansensor is a Danish company that specializes in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology for the food industry. The company develops and manufactures gas mixers and analysis equipment that can mix up to three gases to create a protective atmosphere for packaged foods, preserving their quality after wrapping. PBI-Dansensor approached DIS/CREADIS to help develop a new gas mixer product that would improve accuracy, operation, and appearance.
Food & Beverage


Arla Foods is a global dairy company that produces dairy products, including cheese. The company has a strong focus on sustainability, ensuring that their products are made in an environmentally friendly way. To maintain high standards and improve efficiency, Arla Foods enlisted the help of DIS/CREADIS to optimize their cheese mixing process.
Food & Beverage


Arla Foods is the world’s fourth largest dairy company and a cooperative owned by more than 12,500 dairy farmers. Arla combines traditional craftsmanship and world-class technologies to ensure its products remain closer to nature, from farm to fridge. Arla Foods Gjesing dairy plant in Denmark produces a variety of cheeses, including the popular ‘Blue Castello’ blue cheese, which is sold domestically and internationally. The plant’s packaging line, which is over a decade old and was originally installed with the help of DIS/CREADIS, has been expanded and modified over the years. Recent changes have made it difficult for the operators to manage the line.

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