Freelancing with DIS/CREADIS

DIS/CREADIS values collaboration with ambitious and talented freelancers who specialize in our core professional domains, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation, software development, embedded software, hardware, and project management. Our extensive task database consistently offers a diverse range of stimulating and challenging assignments that can be solved by freelancers.



The nature of these opportunities will vary and will mainly be performed at our customers. As a skilled freelancer, you can look forward to engaging projects that allow you to showcase your expertise and contribute to our clients’ success.


At DIS/CREADIS, we prioritize both professionalism and simplicity in our collaboration with freelancers. We have established an enticing network of qualified freelancers whom we reach out to when there is a perfect alignment between a specific assignment and their skill set.


If you aspire to collaborate with DIS/CREADIS as a freelancer, we warmly invite you to provide us with an overview of your competences and professional experience.

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