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DIS/CREADIS welcomes talented engineering students to our dynamic and challenging work environment. You will have an exceptional opportunity, to work with various industries and disciplines while being on a steep learning curve. You will be a part of multiple projects, gaining experience that you can use later in your career.



As an intern at DIS/CREADIS, you’ll be immersed in all aspects of engineering, experiencing an exciting and varied workday filled with professional content. From day one, you’ll be an integral part of our team, working on diverse projects for various clients based on your preferences and profile. Some projects will involve collaboration in project groups, while others will provide opportunities for individual work, always under the guidance of our experienced engineers.



We provide a comprehensive introduction course and assign a buddy to support you, ensuring a smooth integration into DIS/CREADIS. Moreover, you’ll be part of a rapidly growing workplace where professionalism, a sense of community, and humor form the essence of our corporate culture. Regularly, we will organize events of a professional or social nature, as we wish to create a safe, trusting and developing corporate culture. 

Each semester, we are seeking skilled and ambitious interns to join our offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

We offer internships within mechanical and electrical engineering, automation, embedded software, and digital solutions.

You will be paid during the internship and we will also offer development opportunities at DIS for your future career as an engineer.

The internship recruitment process starts in the following months:

  • Interns for the fall/winter semester: February
  • Interns for the spring/summer semester: September

If you would like to apply for an internship in Denmark, please keep an eye on our open positions. 

In DIS/CREADIS, we offer Tomorrow’s Engineers program for internship positions within mechanical and electrical engineering, automation, embedded software, and digital solutions.


For the whole year we are actively seeking skilled and ambitious students to join our offices in Kraków and Warszawa.


Starting from January, you will have an opportunity to enhance your engineering competences during six-month contract.


With us you can easily combine studies with gaining experience on the professional market. Flexibility is one of our core values.


Collaboration with universities 

During cyclical lectures called Design Your Career, organized in October and November, our best specialists share their experience and knowledge with the students of technical universities in Poland.


So far, we have had the pleasure and honor of cooperating with universities such as: Cracow University of Science and Technology, Warsaw University of Technology and Cracow University of Technology. As experts in plant engineering, we have prepared a series of lectures exploring the topic of creating step by step a factory design: process, structural, mechanical, piping, instrumentation, electrical and BIM.


If you want to stay updated on our activity at universities, we encourage to visit our LinkedIn Page.

Meet a former intern

Showing up at the office everyday meeting so many great and friendly colleagues, quickly made me feel like a part of the DIS family. Furthermore, the extremely large skill base at DIS gave me everything I needed to develop my own professional skills. With the level of social activity and the community at DIS, you quickly get to know your colleagues across departments and locations. Whenever facing a challenge, various experienced engineers was willing to help, which was a good opportunity to learn from the best. Being responsible for my own projects helped me develop not only professionally, but also personally. The many different tasks I’ve met as an intern at DIS definitely helped me figure out what I want to do in the future of my professional life.”

Mikkel Lundtoft Jensen

Former intern and now Electrical Engineer

We look forward to hear from you!

Submit your application, CV and diploma through our online recruitment system.

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February 21: Praktik- og Karrieretræf, Fredericia Maskinmesterskole

We look forward to meeting you at Praktik- og Karrieretræf at Fredericia Maskinmesterskole.

We look forward to meeting you at Company Dating at Company Dating at Via University Horsens

We look forward to meeting you at P-dag at Aarhus University.

We look forward to meeting you at K-dag at Aarhus University.

We look forward to meeting you at DSE Messe in DTU Lyngby.


We look forward to meeting you at Student Collaboration Day in Sønderborg. 

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