Power Systems Engineering

We are committed to provide exceptional Power Systems Engineering Design Services that ensure the efficiency, reliability, and safety of your power infrastructure. Our team of experienced engineers leverages state-of-the-art tools and technologies to develop customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Maximized Efficiency and Reliability: Get solutions that enhance system efficiency and reliability. Our experienced engineers use advanced tools to develop tailored solutions, minimizing energy losses, and ensuring stable power supply to meet consumer needs.


✔ Safety and Compliance Assurance: Adhere to safety industry standards, reducing risks associated with electrical hazards and promoting a secure operating environment.


✔ Enhanced Equipment Lifespan and Integration: Extend the lifespan of your power system components, while effectively integrating renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. This approach supports a sustainable energy future and reduces the need for costly replacements.


✔ Customized and Future-Ready Solutions: Get custom solutions for your specific requirements, ensuring your power infrastructure meets the needs of your project or region. Our designs are adaptable and scalable, ready for future growth and technological advancements.


✔ Informed Decisions: Empower your decision making through valuable insights, helping you prioritize resources for infrastructure investments, upgrades, and maintenance. This strategic approach optimizes both performance and longevity of your power infra-structure.

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Solar: OEMs & Subsuppliers

Advanced Simulation and Grid Compliance for Large-Scale Solar Project

This project was initiated at the request of SolarFuture, an innovative player in the renewable energy sector, with the goal of developing a solar power plant for a heating plant in Denmark. The heating plant expressed a desire to integrate more solar energy into their existing energy system to complement their air-to-water heat pump.
Wind: Offshore Developers & Operators


Vattenfall is an energy company that focuses on electricity and heat production from various sources, such as wind, hydro, and nuclear power. It is one of the leading European energy companies, with operations in Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, among other countries. Vattenfall has been building offshore wind farms in Denmark since 1991 when it became the first country to do so.

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