Arla Foods is the world’s fourth largest dairy company and a cooperative owned by more than 12,500 dairy farmers. Arla combines traditional craftsmanship and world-class technologies to ensure its products remain closer to nature, from farm to fridge. Arla Foods Gjesing dairy plant in Denmark produces a variety of cheeses, including the popular ‘Blue Castello’ blue cheese, which is sold domestically and internationally. The plant’s packaging line, which is over a decade old and was originally installed with the help of DIS/CREADIS, has been expanded and modified over the years. Recent changes have made it difficult for the operators to manage the line.


The packaging line at Arla Foods Gjesing dairy plant had become unmanageable and due to numerous modifications and expansions over the years, including an alarm handling system that had become outdated. The system required optimization to increase its functionality. Furthermore, the line was not providing optimal output and its buffer capacity needed improvement. The Gjesing plant’s management realized that it was time to thoroughly review the system to identify the necessary improvements. To do that, Arla Foods needed a qualified engineering consultancy.


Arla Foods partnered with DIS/CREADIS to optimize their packaging line. DIS/CREADIS reviewed the system and identified the necessary improvements, which included optimizing the PLC program, documentation of the line, the implementation of a systematic alarm display system, and the establishment of a buffer system.

DIS/CREADIS organized a workshop where selected employees from the dairy plant, including managers, operators, and maintenance personnel, contributed their knowledge and experience using the line, creating a solid foundation for DIS/CREADIS to develop and implement the right improvement measures.

The implementation of a large screen with an Intouch overview picture and alarm display allowed operators to respond and correct errors and problems much faster than before. Several accumulation alerts and other alarms were also created, including an empty label roll alarm, allowing operators to react promptly and avoid a stop on the line. The system became more stable, and the buffer capacity significantly increased.


The optimization delivered several benefits, including increased output, greater buffer capacity, and improved documentation of the system. Troubleshooting the line became easier and more manageable. Operators were able to respond and correct errors and problems faster than before, resulting in a significant reduction in downtime.

The PLC program was optimized, and the alarm display system was updated, resulting in increased system stability with a higher buffer capacity. The project resulted in direct improvements to the line, as well as better documentation and more manageable service requirements in the future. These improvements resulted in a 5% increase in output, meeting Arla Foods’ goal of a return on investment in less than two years.


The key to success on this project was organizing an effective workshop combining the Arla Foods and DIS/CREADIS teams that accurately discovered the existing system deficiencies and then worked to develop and implement the necessary solutions. This work resulted in new knowledge and the implementation of new, more effective solutions. DIS/CREADIS applied their expertise in production optimization and digital solutions to ensure successful optimization of their packaging line.

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