Silkeborg Kommune is a municipality in Denmark. The municipality covers an area of 857.16 km² or 330.95 square miles (roughly the size of the city of New Orleans) and has a population of 97,358. The municipality’s property management department wanted to improve the project management skills of its employees and optimize the current work processes. To achieve this goal, they decided to seek qualified coaching.


The municipality’s property management department lacked the necessary skills and knowledge to optimize their work processes and improve project management skills. Education and improvements were not prioritized due to a lack of time, which was a significant challenge.


DIS/CREADIS offered a two-day workshop in project management to all employees, introducing them to project models, concepts, methods, and tools. DIS/CREADIS then collaborated with a group from Silkeborg Kommune to analyze the current processes, challenges, opportunities, and prospects for the department within project management. DIS/CREADIS then designed and optimized the new project model, incorporating the new knowledge within project management and task streamlining, along with new definitions of roles and responsibilities within the newly defined project organization. The employees were involved throughout the process, and their feedback was considered, leading to the implementation of new initiatives.


The initiative taken by the property management department of Silkeborg Kommune highlights the importance of education and improvement in the workplace. Lack of time and resources can lead to the neglect of some crucial aspects that affect the efficiency and productivity of an organization. DIS/CREADIS provided a solution to this challenge by offering a project management course and collaborating with the department to optimize their work processes. The involvement of the employees throughout the process allowed them to learn and apply new tools, methods, and concepts efficiently. DIS/CREADIS’s expertise and knowledge in project management proved to be beneficial to Silkeborg Kommune’s property management department, resulting in positive feedback and successful implementation of new initiatives.

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